secure, realtime B2B reservation platform

VISION, established in 2015, has a vision to empower hotels, transportation companies, foreign and local agencies where they can collaborate real time over a single, transparent, safe & secure ecosystem, which takes the friction out of planning and execution of Touristic and Haj and Umrah travels.


As, we carry a mission to provide a real-time, secure, stable and high-performance platform to all parties where they can connect, communicate and execute real time flawlessly in multi-languages over web and mobile apps.


HUbooking is a web based B2B (business to business) platform which connects different profile of users through a single code base and database so that they are always connected and communicate online to plan travel packages for Touristic Purposes and Hajj & Umrah ..

HUbooking system provides an online directory for foreign (external) agents to access all local services provided by hotels, transportation companies and local agencies. So, they can pair up with local agencies to search and book all travel services in the name of their clients to create Touristic and Haj & Umrah travel packages securely.

  • Providing hotels, tour and transfer companies, the opportunity of advance/front sales
  • The opportunity of advance/front sales, provides effectiveness in sourcing and availability to trace occupancy rate
  • Global communication structure between agencies
  • Providing communication models in electronic environment with the official bodies and ministries over the portal and by this means, establishing the structure to aid e-state technologies
  • Ambition of many agents in this market to use this portal in order to avoid the chaos encountered during the Haj and Umrah season
  • Experiences in using the network which have been gained previously, while using similar sites
  • Integrated and safe services perfectly aligned with the end user's needs
  • High levels of transparency and reliability governed by quality standards in terms of content and process
  • One-stop portal for all organizations, companies ,bodies and ministries that deliver online and relevant services
  • Integrated interface between several e-systems and the package of services offered by the Ministry of Haj and Umrah
  • Modular software structure, which provides extensibility for future business requirements and by this means, opportunity to grow up in the market with new occasions (example: ground services etc. Catering)
  • Specialised and highly experienced team for cutting-edge software development